damn, she’s fine.

damn, she’s fine.

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[HQs] Harry stops by the SoHo house in LA - 18/9


My dashboard is literally a jumbled mess of Louis’ ass and Harry’s tits.

look at all those chickens

look at all those chickens


AU: Harry and Louis are famous YouTube vloggers that end up dating.

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louis giving caroline a goodbye hug, 30/08/14, + / +

harry and louis’ fight with @ijever

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What I do on public transport with a 5 Gum wrapper.

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i wish for harrys legs 

and harrys smile 

and harrys tats 

and harrys hands 

and harrys clothes 

and harrys boyfriends 

basically let me be harry

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I want to bury myself alive in Harry’s bun.

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Chicago, IL - x/x


boys r so weak. boys r some pathetic shit. if u punch me in the boob my boob will still b able to sustain life for a new fuckin human. my boob can sustain the human race. if i kick u boys hard enough in the nuts u will never reproduce. ur genetic line is over bub. one well placed stiletto and u are getting shitty half-assed boners and no babies 4 life. who has the power son. who owns u. girls own u. i own u punk. sit down

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@Harry_Styles:The people look like flowers at last.

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