Horoscopes REVEALED


aries: hot as hell
gemini: super fkn nice
cancer: cooler than ICE
leo: person everyone wants 2 party with
virgo: calm cool n collected
libra: hecka funny
scorpio: nice hair
sagittarius: reallllly smart
capricorn: most popular
aquarius: dogs favorite
pisces: most likely 2 be a dime
taurus: AWEsome friends

It's in your lips and in your kiss. It's in your touch and your fingertips. And it's in all the things and other things that make you who you are and your eyes ... irresistible.

Toronto - August 2nd

New York City, Aug 03

August 1st - Toronto

Philly, 08/14/14

Long hair, don’t care!

Do you think they’ll get you on the catwalk? You’re an obvious choice, aren’t you? +

Harry Styles: The Enigma


Harry does this a lot.


Let’s play a game called “Who is Harry with all the Time that Leads Him to Quote That Person Constantly?”

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